soul pangs


they're beyond addiction, 

further than need, 
the gut-rooted feelings found
when digging through the burdened cavities of the soul, overpacked with memories of a time
not wanting to be remembered.
expanding through my veins,
they permeate my mind,
flooding my vision and finding escape through tears.
silently, I lose myself in nostalgia,
succumbed to an everlasting longing for the way it was
can you stand who you've become?
do I dare relinquish freedom to the demons once put to rest,
the very devils responsible for my undoing.
dare I do this in full lucidity and awareness
of the potential wrecking of the heart
being instilled once again?
I do.
in all certainty, I do.
only with cause of the human heart
craving for that which gives it ache.
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