My Thoughts this Christmas

Who am I connected to at Christmas?

What is Christmas?

     The most wonderful time of the year

     Season for blizzards and snow days

     A special holiday for people

     Christmas trees all around the country

     Put ornaments on your Christmas tree

     Coolest time of the year

     Funnest time for people

     Shop for Christmas presents

     Snow on every road in the country

     People singing Christmas songs everywhere

     Season for sliding on sleds on snow

     Getting gifts from Santa and friends

     People having fun in the snow, snowball fights, snow forts and snowmen

     Have a special feast with your family on Christmas Day.

That is Christmas!

                                       This is dedicated to my brotherl

                                       He helps me with hard things and

                                       I do the same thing for him.

                                                                                                Love, Bradley



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