Loud Mouth


United States
38° 49' 18.642" N, 77° 9' 15.3648" W

Loud mouth,

Too many words being spoken

Loud mouth,

A record playing

When the tonearm is broken

I like to talk about many things

From the sight of a sun setting

To the sound of a wind breeze

I am scolded

For who I am 

With No Filter

I am a student

Asking questions from everyone I meet

I am a musician

Carrying my voice along to each beat

I am a teacher

Sharing what I learn and my experience

I am a friend

Giving advice to all who will listen

With No Filter

I am allowed to express myself through speech and sound

With No Filter

I am a Loud Mouth

My words will not be lost in ruin

Because before I am anything

I am Human.




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