Candidly Complex

Round cheeks

Red from continuously smiling

The first thing you notice

Seen without even trying


Green eyes

Glasses that show my world reflected

Supposed to be this window

But my soul is not so easily detected


White as snow skin

With blemishes every once in a while

No wrinkles, super tight

Especially when I smile


Dark marks under the eyes

Demandng to be seen

Shows signs of being a Greek

Through the inheritance of my genes


Straight as can be

Sways my dirty blonde hair

Parts evenly down the middle

It moves lightly without a care


This hair past my shoulders

That always seems to tangle

Whether up or down

It is seen uniquely from all different angles


Angles of the camera

All with different features and lighting

Can make my average face

Seem so much more exciting


But I will only truly shine

Breaking through without any alterations

The plain ol’ Jane me

With absolutely no miscommunications



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