Draughtsman Drawing a Recumbent Woman



in this 1525 woodcut print by Albrecht Dürer

visual space is bisected by a gridded device

that se-

the unruly form of Woman
locking Her in perspective

prepping her to be remade
-anew- on the ivory page

a mind is a terrible thing to waste
intellect must be used to heal

heave-hoeing, His hands
will bind and cleanse
the feral landscape

leaving only the rise and fall
of the tide at dusk


i only exist if you see me
i beg of you to look
to scrape at the varnish

and feel these Hands
they are cold and weak
i long to please
scars line the undulations
of my skin and i will
honor them
they are reminders of its function
fibrous tissue that has lived

to serve
the land of its birth
and i will no longer fear
the body that has cloaked me
it is me
for at least

a moment in time


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