Smoke and Mirrors


“Smoke and Mirrors! Smoke and Mirrors!”

We scream and scream.

“They are not really as they seem!”

Filters cover so likes will rise.

We can see through the lies.

Altered photos for the sake of following,

Without them only shame and wallowing.


But that’s not right;

It just hurts them.

Maybe they just need a friend.

Someone to say they see them true,

No filters are needed to change you.

As a friend is our duty,

To defend others and love true beauty.


NoFilters is the hashtag,

But it means more than just to brag.

It’s appreciate of true life.

Not an excuse to cause strife.

So promote love and stop all the hazing.

Filter or not we think you’re amazing!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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