I thought my lips had broken

and my hands had burst to flames.

When I think of you, you're the one to blame.

You messed with my mind 

you wasted all of my time.

You think you broke my heart?

You can get in line. 


You take me for a clown.

Don't know what you want me to say,

Im not coming back to get played.

This was supposed to be different,

you were supposed to be different. 

You think you were right, 

oh boy, you were wrong.


You cut all the strings attactched to my heart.

Sucking it up and you throwing it out,

don't have enough pack to throw it around.

Everything you did was inconsistant,

talking bout love but you will not give it.

Head in the game, yet you're in the clouds.


It's all fun and games til' someone runs out.

Back to your mamas

and thats where you're staying.

You will not have no one,

 the way you've been playing.


You talked to much shit 

and think you're not heard.

You seem to fly away

just like a bird.

Straight into a brick wall

I wont catch you the next time you fall,

You knew we wouldn't have it all.


Back to the shop

I'm taking the count.

You were the one 

that was weighing me down.

You were ungrateful,

you weren't the one. 

What we had cannot be redone.


I should have been pissed,

you shut down, resist.

You're going down and

I'm making a list

of all of the problems

you cannot solve. 

All you ever did was let them disolve.


I am over it

You cannot come back, you'll get kicked

Turn around and 

walk right out.

You better make it quick.

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