Don't be Afraid to be You

Don't be afraid to conquer your fears;

Hold back your tears

In life your fears are there to make things clear,

They don't hurt they make you see what needs work in you

They do fade just work and say you don't scare me; boo--

It is my life I will make you die I am here for a reason--

You will be gone by next season

I have the mindset to put you away and you'll stay--

Not just for a day, you had the moment to help me see what was the work I plead

Now your dismiss with a thank you, and a kiss

Your just one of God's lessons of what you need and what you get

I'm going to take you and use you wise and let you die

You showed me how to conquer you and life 

The obstacles I face are just the way of life now 

I wish you good luck on to the next guy 

Thanks for your help go to the next hurting person who is depressed

I hope they see you as I did you showed me I can win despite if I lose or get bruise--

The lottery ain't nothing because the true money is that I conquered life and you



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