And every second now is as hard as two seconds then. 

Knowing theres 86,400 seconds in a day, youve fought 172,800.

every living moment youre dead, and you're hesistant to even begin to call them living moments.

You've researched time warps for chemical depression only to find that your spirit is in the middle of leaving your own body. 

You've spent every doubling second researching time paths and reasons why time has slowed, why the second hand refuses to move every other second.

By the time you realize it isnt just you, that every other being is melting into the ground, you wonder if it's the earth. 

If our sadness generated enough negative energy to slow the rotation of the earth , causing your grandmothers kitchen clock to fall years behind.

The staggered pause into a sudden resume begins to hurt your head and cause your eyes to swell with tears. But the tears double in size, and the doubled gravitational pull forces them down with an echoing crash.

You wake your mother up with the whispers between your sobs, asking of why the seconds are nearly tripling, and your breathed words are sending the largest sound waves through your open bedroom door.

Your agonized words create a tsunami and you find yourself taking four seconds to grasp for air, but only getting one second's worth of oxygen.

With your breath held you fall back into the liquid of your own thoughts, allowing yourslef to sink to the bottom and not rise again 

who would have thought your own mind would be the end of you?


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