Waving to You


My fingers lace through

The yellow bag straps.

Playfully, I tilt my head to the left.


A smirk on my face.

I wave to the camera,

 Exploration on my mind.


That is my sister, with her

 Purple floral dress.

Excitement in her eyes.

She climbs up the Honda Civic,

Trustful that the car

Will get her to where she needs to go.


My mother, she is laughing

Behind the camera.

Content with what life has brought her.

The corners of her eyes still

Crease with happiness.


I wave to the camera, unaware

That in a few years,

I will soon be leaving the country.


I will no longer call this my home.

Right across the Pacific Ocean,

My new country waits.

The white car is now long gone.

Someone else must use it now.


My sister.

The light that came with adventure,

Now dims in her eyes.

She still trusts cars,

But learns to trust airplanes less.

For they take her to faraway lands.

Lands she doesn’t know.

Lands who doesn’t know her back.


And my mother.

She trades her carefree nature,

For sleepless nights and long hours at work.

She is my role model.

She is my best friend.


My father took it hardest.

He longs for the country

All of us know and love.

But he remains brave and tries his hardest,

‘For the children’s sake,” He says.

 And for this, my love for him

Lasts a million infinities.


Now, I am waving to the camera.

Waving goodbye to the past I left behind.

Waving hello to the future—

Once filled with uncertainties,

But serves to teach me no less.

 I see my place in it now.

And I am proud to say.

I am right where I belong. 




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