Creativity, or Lack Thereof


I want to be me

But I want to be free

But the Key to be Me just won’t come simply

So I fake while I make

these barriers that quake

the Real Me who sees all I’m Meant to Be

But I’m Done: the Real Me’s Won

And I’m ready for some fun

If not for Me then you’ll see, it’s because I’m lazy

And these filters no longer come easy


Creativity just doesn’t come to me

I feel its Essence but I’m in a Cave while it’s free to be

anywhere it Please to be so it comes as a Tease

While I Beg and I Plead for it to come to me

But it Flees as I Plead and it Speeds as I See

the Inevitability of it coming to me

So I ignore everything since Nothing comes naturally

And I accept I’m inept and that it’s indubitably

Never Gonna Change and, no, I’m Not Deranged

I’m just a girl who wants to see that Creativity can be changed

Yet as I wait I debate Everything I know

Since my Knowledge is a Crutch and it makes it Hard to Grow

Since the more I Learn my Limits moves me to Listen to them more

It’s a fact I Abhor while Creativity I Adore

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