"Anxious Ami"


I seem to kind of struggle with a thing called anxiety.

Although, It's not quite me, you see, 

It's more like these voices, trapped inside my head,

Usually telling me that I should probably stay in bed,

because what if today's the day that we all die?

I know that probably seems quite dramatic to you,

because even though I thought it, It seems quite silly to me too.

I'm just so afraid of never being good enough

So when things in my life get super tough,

I give up before I even bother to try.

It's taken me some time but, I rejoice in some small victories

Such as, courage filled days of no overthought mental inquiries.

I love when I have more rainbows than rain,

because a muddied mind doesn't make for the best mental terrain,

So instead I've decided that I'd rather release my mind to let it freely fly.








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