A.riel Me


My name is Ariel.  I am me.

As happy as can be?

Always comparing myself to others I see.

Likes, Comments, Subscriptions.

Why do they matter?

Do I really care?

Will it get me into college?

Can't help but become fixated and caught up.

"Did you see his/ her picture on Instagram?"

"Make a Twitter!" 

"Do it for the Vine!"

Can't help but think it's a waste of time.

Still, distraction. Procrastination. 

Can't help but compare.

Am I shallow to want the GoPro?

Social media-- the epitome of facade?

Still, it's what society and image is built upon. 

Can't help but think it's all a con.

Can't control that.

Can only control me.

Behind it all, though, I am Ariel.

A.riel person.  A.riel student.  A.riel applicant.

and what I hope and aspire to be?

A.riel success.






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