My bridge


The bridges in my mind are in numbers, crossing, overlapping.

The years of before I have reached the learning of aging I had one bridge in my mind.

 There I stood on the first stone step before the bridge, and stared across hoping to see what may be on the other side.

Finally, I took my first step towards the bridge as a loud creak echoes in affect. My smile had started to rise, and my feet became eager, just through my first step. I started running straight and my smile risen high with my cheeks until my sight caught ahold of little puppy on the bridge. The whimper of the puppy pulled me in and before my eyes the puppy grew old as well as I by five minutes becoming five years. The dog, a puppy and a child in our eyes, we take ahold of each other but never got to say good-bye. A smile which I had in the beginning turned into pain and tears, as I lost my very best friend so soon. Standing up I wipe the tears and grow taller.  My brothers appears before me and helps bring the pain into a good memory, creating a new and better smile on me. Another bridge appears above me as another around me. Staying on the same bridge I run and can almost see the end until I see my very own sister. A dark wind takes ahold around me and I feel the isolation as my sister walks away. As I curl up cold I see a light figure run through the dark air and receive a warm hug from my sister. She disappears as I stand up taller once again, as before my feet start to run to the end. So many people I see lined up along the way but I see my parents and ignore the people as my dad signals me to come. Running up I hug my father as the rest of my family hugs me.

 My dad tells me, “This bridge you crossed is like your life and goals, as we all have a bridge to cross yet. The distractions and troubles are to prevent or push you to the end of the bridge and at the end of the bridge always lies your true goal. So son please keep moving forward and never stray off path because at the end, you will finally have reached where you are needed, here.”

Every bridge that I reached or have made across over the years were only the small goals I had made, but as of now I am still running on the same bridge I had since my beginning. My life is only best made by my choices and I will choose to keep moving forward in life and reach the end.  

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My family
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