Sexual preference 

Is not just sexual preference

Is spiritual preference

Preference of the soul of a being

Sexual preference is denominated

Is like that for the society

In reality is election

The election not of decision only

Is election of soul because material

Goes away goes away as a clock stops

As the matter is finished

As the time ends

As the body die


Sexual preference

Like that the laws attack 

The laws that see a body same as other

Like that  they attack

With their simples thoughts

Believing define what they say that is normal

When in reality is fair to say regular


When the love grows everyday more

When the different loves

Are lost each other in their eyes 

You deliver your body to other similar

Like yours

You deliver your  kisses to the structure

You belong to

Yes I do give all that but my soul too

Above all things my soul I give


And what they care about

if I give my body

My soul my being

For the common people

To critique me Important will always be

Like that I am and much more better

Is not fair to say sexual preference

But just love and nothing more.



-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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