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Who am I you ask?
Well let me take off my mask.
In reality I’m just like you
But oh so different too
Everyone tries to get ahead of the pack
But doing that, yourself is what you lack
When you look into the mirror you see someone else
So now you don’t even know yourself
In the end we are all human beings
Yet we get so caught up in feelings
What does she or he think of me?
So much that you can’t be free
We are all homo sapiens
Yet we all want to come out the champion
When in reality we are all the same
Even though some have fame
Society tries to put celebrities  and ethnicities on a higher pedestal
When all of us are just as credible
Because each of us are special
No matter what is told to you by the devil
Even though you’re special just by being you, your flaws make you even more so
Embrace your flaws and insecurities and let them glow
Don’t let the filters in life hide your light
Because just the way you are, you shine bright
So who am I you asked?
I am myself unmasked at last


This poem is about: 
Our world



So true ,I appreciate you not being blind


Thank you so much! I also appreciate you taking the time to read this :).



You rhyme every two lines. very cool . I rhyme every other line. Im going to try it your

way for a couple. At least your trending so people are reading your stuff.


I'm glad you found it cool, thank you! I might try your way too it sounds interesting! And wow I just noticed it was trending OMG lol that's awesome! Thanks again!


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