Without A Filter


United States
33° 58' 10.8876" N, 117° 15' 21.0744" W

Dark hair. Tall enough. Slim body and big eyes.

Small cut on the left eyebrow but brow liner does the trick

Mascara and a pale face

Tender smile with clumsiness all around her

Pass the pretend amazing strength lays a weak soul

Heart torn and thighs scars


Help isn’t something she asks for anymore, alone she stands

She stands without a back support and lives without depending

She stays tough even when the going gets rough

She isn’t picture perfect but stays away from filtering the photographs

I can’t think of someone more sensitive than her

How can someone smile so much but cry even more?


Life has knocked her down more than once, twice, or three times

But it’s good to know she has gotten up with twice the strength each time

Her father died when she was seven but no it didn’t and hasn’t killed her

She shows motivation for success and amazing determination

Accomplishes what no one ever thought she could

She’s proud but not selfish or self-conceded

Her personality is extraordinary, so I’ve been told

She doesn’t ask for a “thank you” and doesn’t need an “I’m sorry”

All she wants to be is a hero and save kids lives


She isn’t describe by the Mayfair, Rise, or Lo-Fi filter of her skin

She is someone different, someone unique

Hopes to always keep giving love and kindness, even if no one returns it

She is her father’s smart daughter, taking honors courses

She is discipline, responsibility and integrity  

She is a young woman with a hopeful future

She is me


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