Fuck student loans

I want to be a poet, 

Only for the money,

You see college is expensive 

It is really not that funny.

Some spend years repaying a debt, 

Others can't even afford it'

but paying for education is bullshit

because knowledge gives you life,

destroys ignorance,

helps others

end this strife! 

Just give me a damn Scholarship.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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I need inspiration fast, 

to write a poem that lasts

in the head of the reader

with words stronger than cedar.

to paint a picture,

entrap the reader with a lyrical elixer,

apeal to the heart, 

poems being created faster than a go kart. 

The world will weep at my words, 

as my emtions fly out like birds.

Im not free from my cage,

which sends me into a rage, 

because in need money fo college.

Nuff said.

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