The Real Me

I don’t know if at this age I really know who I am

How old do most people find the real them?

Every day we learn something new and that influences us

Every day I change, every day I am different

So how can I know what kind of person I am?


You would think I would know what kind of person I am

But I think some people observe me more than I do myself

I live with myself everyday so I don’t notice things that change in me


People change because of society’s expectations

And this change in someone cannot go away completely

It will remain a part of you until the old you is blurry

And this has happened to me

I cannot simply go back to the old me because it is unnatural


I act differently in front of specific people, too

In front of my parents I am quiet

In front of my classmates I am just the one trying to learn

In front of my friends I am loud and crazy

In front of strangers I try not to stand out

When I am by myself, I think too much


Which one of these descriptions of myself is really me?

Sometimes I do not know and it scares me not to know

Sometimes I feel fake because I’m not the same with everyone


But really all of these are me because

I am someone who is different according to the circumstances

Humans react differently depending on their surroundings

People will not always say things that are 100% true

That’s because we do things because we’re insecure

Or we want to protect someone


The most authentic me is someone who knows when something is right

I will know when to speak up on something that is my opinion

I will know whose word to trust

And I will know how to behave in front of certain people


I am NOT a rumor

I am NOT a stereotype

I am NOT my appearance

I am just me

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