It's Not Worth It

Sat, 04/25/2015 - 22:27 -- Tahj

I am one shade darker,one size bigger, and one inch shorter

We are pratically the same,

but diffrent.

she is beautiful,like a renissance painting

and I am like Chopins masterpiece, so complex that only few try to hear,see or understand.

You say it's about whats on the inside,but you dont hear their whispers.

"what isn't she like her sister,

why cant she sing,

why can't she dance."

 They even ask why she came out wrong.

social media can even see she is better.

We may have the same amount of followers,

but she has more like,thumbs up, and repost.

so I filter...

I filter out all the complexity

all the musical runs and accidental notes,

and you know what?

it works!

My likes go up ten times more than hers 

but when I go to school they all treant me the same, like the girl who came out wrong.

and that twin sister

she is still happy...clueless but happy.

So now i know it's not worth all the trouble

and if somebody can take the time to understand your master peice,

or take the time to look through their filter

then they are not worth you time.


This poem is about: 
Our world



first poem

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