Both Or Neither

The girl in the mirror is nothing

Compared to the photo.

     The photo's colors are vivid and bright,

     Compared to the ghost in the mirror.

The photo is alive and warm,

while the zombie in the mirror is fading.

     The photo is everything.

     The mirror is nothing. 

I watch the photo.

I watch the mirror.

I am both. I am neither. 

     I am the zombie. I am the ghost.

     I am cold. I am lost.

     I am both, or I am neither. 

I can be living. I can be the light.

     I can be photo. I can be the mirror.

     I can be both, or I can be neither. 

I can be what others want. 

I can be what I want.

     I can be what others love.

     I can be what I love.

I can be be all. Or I can be none.

     I can be love or hate.

I can be the crazy or the stability.

     I can be a lock or a key.

I can be the photo or the mirror.

     I can be you. Or I can be me. 

I can be both. I can be neither. 


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