I don’t say much. But I speak when I talk. I often stumble when I walk. I whiten my teeth. Stay combing my hair. But I feel that doesn't get me anywhere. I'm impeccably dressed And remain humble still. Though I know how to hurt, I'm not quite sure how to heal. I wear my feelings on my face. And I’ve got a past I can’t erase. I can’t show love. I’m too strong to feel. But I care too much And that love’s too real. I’m probably naïve. I won’t let hope die, But I know how to dream with open eyes. Sometimes I'm present, But not always there. I got my pride from my Dad, who had to learn how to care. But he’s still my hero. ‘ Cause he loves me like the world. He said, “You’re always gonna be Daddy’s little girl.” I know I get a little crazy. But I know I’ll make it through alright My judgement gets a little hazy. But I know I’ll turn out fine. I’m a butterfly. I’m a butterfly. And I learned how to fly. I learned how to fly. Hmm.


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