Dear Me


Dear me,

This is you telling yourself,

That though there is a lot going on,

You are alright;

Now is just a moment of many more to come,

And if anything you should be glad you have made it here,

You’re standing upon this high ground you’ve built for yourself,

Yet you are not satisfied.


You have made it to a peak point,

Yet you are eyeballing something above it all,

You look towards and beyond the stars,

Because you know that one day,

You will be a legend who’s stories will also be told,

Passed down along with myths such as O’Ryan and the Taurus,

But this life you made yourself,

It was all written by the nonfictional genius known as yourself.


You’ve fought hatred,

To be able to dance with serenity and love,

You’ve overcome depression,

To be able to smile a genuine grin,

That brightens the lives of others,

It seems like you are at peace with the world around you,

But as you once said,

“You never give up”

And that is what has carried you this far.


Dear me,

You have touched the lives of others,

And the ones who have experienced your care are eternally grateful,

You came from the one place you saw as Hell,

And you rebelled against all odds that faced you,

You are a hero,

Everything you’ve said and done for others,

Has worked to benefit you.


You never made it here this far to just let it all go to waste…

Sincerely me

This poem is about: 
My family


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