Every day i try my best not to procrasinate sometimes it seems that it is faith.

Somedays it is not as bad and some days are sraight up sad.

It always strikes with no holding back as if  it loves to attack.

It sometimes seems as if it came from a Stephen king novel.

Its an issue that has bad results.

Sometimes it seems that its my fault.

It is a feeling that follows us all night and sometimes it bites.

It wants us to think things are unsolveable.

Give it a chance and it can get inside you.

Its like a government that wants take over and control.

It wants us repeat the same thing until we get old.

when it takes over our body we have no control.

It causes us to let things go to waste.

Even though we might need in case.

The more we embrace it the more it attacks.

The more we dont face it the more it could have.

This is a fact the results are so bad you will feel like youve been hacked.

The more you lay back the worse it will get.

Its your choice which would you pick. 


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