Beauty Is In the Eye Of the Beholder

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 14:23 -- Samekh


I do not have an hour-glass figure,

I do not have a million watt smile,

My hair isn’t long and flowing,

The sound of my voice isn’t gentle or soft.

My face isn’t clear of acne all the time,

Hair grows on my body in the awkwardest of places,

My hands are wide with fat fingers,

My lips are chapped almost all the time,

My thighs are together, no gap.

My eyes are not exotic or unique, just a plain brown.

I’m an ordinary human; average among the average.

I have a laugh that’s really obnoxious and loud,

I am a bit tall, so at least I can reach high shelves

without the help of a chair.

A smile that won’t light up the world but it shows my humor

and happiness,

My arms aren’t slender,

But they love to pull love ones close and hug them.

My figure isn’t a size zero or a single digit,

But someone has to wear the XL shirts, so why not me?

My heart is forgiving even when I wish

that it wasn’t,

It hurts when it hurts, and is happy when it’s happy,

I take pleasure from the taste of fresh croissants and

watching Anime,

My pockets are made of lint,

My wallet is constantly on a diet,

But my life is rich with the sounds of life,

The sights of the ordinary and the extraordinary,

I am alive, I am well,

What more can I need?

Expensive objects were made for Expensive tastes,

That is not for me.

I love all of me,

From my toes to my knees,

To my wide hips and tracing along

all my stretch marks,

I love all of me,

To my flabby stomach to the rolls on my sides,

To my short arms and uneven nails,

To my small neck and all along my round face to

the short hair on my head I dyed blonde

just because.

The camera shows all of this,

Brown skin and blonde hair,

Flaws that make me flawless,

Imperfect in the most perfect way,

Average in the most unique way,

I’m still able to say “Cheese!”

And be satisfied when the picture is taken.

I am me,

And who could be better at being me,

Than me?


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