a letter to the World

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 10:51 -- addie


I am not who i am;

          I am not who You see;        

because You do not.

{You craft and mold,

merely to forget and undermine}


and You hear not.

{my tongue is bridled,

the air is silent;

i swallow my thoughts

like piling confetti}


so i will move

to an abode that

has no shadows

or memories


My brain will no longer

be mute;

My name will be Nouveau

and I will be joyful


I will serenade

while Many carol

in harmonious contentment


in a room full of others

I will be utterly anxious

and will express opinion anyway


I will smell of

controlled sarcastic wit

though I may ne’er cause a smirk


I will wander aimlessly

for hours

in a landscape of beauty


and when Someone comes along

asking, “are you lost?”

I will shake my head

and introduce Myself


I will not assume

or guess the motives of Another

for Their heart channels to Their mouth –

not to My brain


My callused feet will trip

and I will take hold of a ledge

never to plummet and brood


I will work to grow

like a tree root being watered

into a large, shady oak tree


then I will shade You

from the demands of reality

and the presupposed notions

of who you think You should be


I will love You

despite Your indifference,

though you may never realize so.



I will be…

{perhaps I  am}

But You do not know.

You do not see.



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