What do I believe in?


What do I believe in?

Every sunday, as a little Jay

I'd go to church to sing and pray

In the back of sunday service I'd stay and play

But as years came I began to sway

No longer did I feel blessed

I went to church less and less

My ideas of religion as a paragon began to go away,

Why did God put my father in a grave?

Why does God let thousands die a day?

Why does God dislike the gays?

No longer do I believe

No longer am I a mustard seed, feeding off of everything I hear from my Priest

Irony to see him leave for touching kiddies

I may no longer believe what I read in the book

And they can call me schnook,

I may question a higher power

And dissociate myself as a follower,

But I am still human and I'm still a good person,

I dont need religion

To live life blissfully as I first envisioned

Living life- my way

Is what I believe in to this day

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