A Mindful Fool

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 20:12 -- tyuio34


I am so terribly,

deathly, afraid,

of what when unfiltered

my mouth should say.


Do I speak such terrible truths…

of honest opinions of wistful youths?

Or do I lay upon such speech

of good intentions: politically weak.


My mouth it does so run awry

yet with its filter it stays so shy

for I have learned such golden truths

as silent being- a mindful fool


For if I should shake such closed off state

I could find myself quite awake

an engine roaring; wheels keen

for it is such life that shakes my being


There behind the catch of men so great

lies the rebel that time did make

and though publicly I do not stand

on soap boxes with speeches grand


Within societies invisible chains

of glass ceilings and closed off gates

there is a soul so brave with fire

that unfiltered exists; a feminist writer.


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