I am a leaf falling from a tree.

Stuck in the past.

Hiding behind the past.

Halfway down, birds look down at me.

How dare she break free, they say, how dare she be happy?

Drift down, steady pace, a few bumps in the road.

Rabbits jump high, try to stay in the past, strive to go back to their Hell.

Let it go, I say.

They try to drag me back, frighten me, I hope we don’t collide.

Lone acorn falls.

Much faster than me.

Take it easy.

Try to understand the journey.

He mocks my optimism.

Refuse to let him put me down.

Refuse to let him take my newfound freedom.

Closer and closer to the grass, to finding myself.

Do not know what to expect.

Do not want to know.

My time has come.

Time for me to fall.

I have changed.

Green color now stunning scarlet.

Beauty revealed, confidence bloomed.

Never occurred I would have to leave my haven.

Never occurred leaving would be positive.

Should I be getting home?

Maybe a blustery storm will blow me home.

Hope it does not.

Hope new home will accept me, hope I find true haven.

I have fallen.

Falling is for the best.

No more hiding behind the filter.

No more hiding behind the past.


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