Our Land Of Love

It's a call to arms 
But not a call to firearms 
I know, we are alarmed,
But as the United States
We shall not fill our voids with hate
Because regardless of our skin or domination 
Our skin is sacred. 
As the melting pot of the world, 
We need not spur hatred as a form of superiority 
Or resistance in the form of ambiguity 
The more we embellish this hatred 
The more hated will we come to be 
So America,as the home of the brave 
and the land of the free. 
I ask that you to take a knee for the fifty fallen 
As their phones are still ringing from their loved ones calling 
Because this is a call for arms 
Not a call for firearms 

~Matthew Waldman

This poem is about: 
My country



Wow, this is amazing! Such a good message.

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