I AM...


I am the light on your dark days.

The good that makes you forget your bad ways.

I am like one of those Fridays when you just got paid.

I am that wonderful walk in the park.

I am surrounded by dark, but will forever try to find what’s bright.

I am more than my hips and thighs, beautiful face, and big brown eyes.

I have lips that won’t tell you lies.

I am beyond descript.

Everything about me, you love, ‘cause I am a trip.

A trip that’ll take you on a journey.

A young, courageous black woman, you can’t take that from me.

I am the girl next door.

I am what you’ve been waiting for.

I am your desired gift under the Christmas tree,

I am everything, ‘cause that’s who I choose to be.

I refuse to be another copy.

I am the southside of Chicago.

I am love, because I say so.

I am your warmth on late, lonely, and cold nights.

I am… MORE.

You’ll regret letting me walk out your door, but me ?

I’ll be alright.

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