I am the Sunrise

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 22:53 -- ndiptee


It may be crazy to think, but perhaps the people we see everyday
our family, our best friends are not who they seem to be
It is not betrayal, no, to censor the broken parts of ourselves
similarly the moon brightens the night to distract us from the vast darkness
it lingers in the sky and draws all of our attention to it
never leaving us a chance to wonder
is there something hiding there?
in that one dark spot
that one piece that the universe forgot to cover with it's trillions of stars
Who I really am, who we really are is the curtain of black when all of the stars begin to fade away
when the moon begins to evaporate into dawn 
and there is a blooming
a brilliant display of patience and love and happiness
that we waited all night for
Without thinking the dark gives way to day
and subconsciously we transform into the true version of ourselves
We don't even notice it but we are
bursting beautifully with the reds, oranges, blues, violets of the morning, 
of hope and compassion
there is no need for a filter
because what is happening 
is truly magical
This poem is about: 
Our world


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