Bigger and Greater


when one takes a scroll through my instgram feed

they see a girl

who is a animal lover,music lover, food lover and a make up enthusias

but when I the stop posing

use my make up wipes to clear my face

put my curly hair in a messy bun

and look in to the mirror too question who I am

because with the make up I have the cheeks like red as baby rose petals

lips as plum and moist as  dew drops on  a leaf

but the real halie

she is better, way better then the filtered halie

she is, loving , caring , sweet.

she has dreams , and hopes,

she dreams the world will have complete peace

contries don't have too fear of their nieghbors

she imagines pure kindness

un filtered halie is not the smartest when it comes to school

Six letters on a piece of paper does not define her

niether does decimal,

finding x in a math problem does not

or getting a 5 on  an essay

halie ,loves and when she does it is radging and red

halie is easliy  distraced, and often stops to smell the roses

she often eats too much

she's a procrastinator , and never forgets to catch up on her sleep

she pretends too be strong, but the death of a fly will cause her to cry



The filtered halie she comes off confindent and seems to live for now

but the real halie has bigger ,greater dreams.  



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