Am I Pretty Yet?


Searching on social media you will not find me

I'm too busy practicing all the right degrees

The filters hide my fears and flaws

Your half naked pictures should be outlawed

Erasing the impurities from my flesh

Leaving you with one last breath 

Take away the filter and you will not be as impressed

Take away the filter but I still have big breasts

More likes on my pictures makes me feel more pretty 

Pretty sure you still won't hear me

The filters on my lips do not exist

I speak the truth and it won't ever be missed

You may not like what I will have to say

But don't you think its better that way?

I am not perfect and I am definitely not always a lady

But I still know how to not get so crazy

Wipe away the make up and take off the fancy clothes

Throw back the dueces and take a unique pose

I am silly and I am wacked

I have been told that I know how to rap

I am quiet

I am loud

I make my momma real proud

Straight A's all day

You know a girl know how to play

These boys can't resist

Our love don't exist

Remind me one time, two time, three time, four

I'm sick of the pictures talking about how much you adore

Regardless of the picture, you know I still score



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