Flaw- Less

Flawless, to be perfect in every shape or form,

To be without any blemishes, and superior from the norm,

To have never made a mistake,  

The art of being Perfect.


In real life, no one is Flawless, no one is perfect or the same,

But just because you are flawed and look different than somebody else,

Does not mean that the world should forget your name.


I am not Flawless, but I am Flaw-less in my own way.

I have beaten the odds of growing up in the dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago and becoming a statistic.

I have managed to avoid negative influences such as joining a gang or selling drugs.

As a black male in America, I have successfully graduated high school on dean's list and have never been arrested or thrown in jail.


Everyone has their definition of Flawless,

And even though I am flawed, 

Doesn't mean I don't matter, no greater or less.


I am right where I want to be, 

Earning my degree at a Liberal Arts university,

Receiving love and support from my friends and family,

Working hard so I can give back to my community,

Staying optimistic, That's my main Responsibility.


I am Flaw-less


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