The Essence of Me

I am not perfect and I am not you

I am made of flaws and all that I've ever wanted to do

The music that flows through my veins functions to express my traits


Conform? I do not; I strive to make my own plot

Vibrant, and Unique, I am all that I was meant to be.


Written words and ink stained pages are simply not phases

Caught in an imaginary world, my creativity is no short of contagious


Lyrical phrases and concert stages are where my heart lies

Lit up like stars that dot the night sky

Or headlights that blindingly drive by


Condifent and bright in this way of life

I am all of my family's light when they are consumed by the night


An outcast to many and a friend to some

I do not give up the things that I love


Society does not define me

I am wild and free

Nothing can rival the essence of me.

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