Travesty by Internet



We are caught and swept away,

by the avalanche, the wave,

we call the internet.

We can't be saved.

We are enslaved,

by the technology that we craved.

It is what makes us insane,

stuck in these same patterns 

of thought.

Shouldn't we ought to have fought

this, but no one saw it coming.

This world which unfurled

in front of our eyes,

we were blind to it's effects.

In retrospect, we should've just clicked eject-

Finished the movie before it started.

End, rewind.

Take back the time,

before we were all consumed by our iphones.

Eye phones see for us,

but we don't even see forests.

We are all tourists,

in our own world.

We are the greatest conformists.

Everyone says they want to stand out,

be something, shout out.

Yet they still don't realize,

that they are the captives-

uniform, trapped in

online platforms,

unable to get out

from behind these glass and metal bars.

Self worth measured by the price of our cars.

People look up at the stars.

But instead of looking and thinking,

letting the image sink in,

we take a picture or a snapchat,

and we share the whole world that.

But doesn't it lose it's meaning,

with every new screening?

What is first so striking,

soon becomes lost through liking.

If a picture is shared a thousand times,

doesn't it's splendor become undermined?

Our whole world is blind,

to this travesty.

Subtweets bring agony, and fights,

as nobody savors the sights.

A hundred years from now, 

will anyone

know what a tree looks like?


But this technology can't be overcome,

it's inevitable, unbeatable.

As forests and fields become overrun,

we can only look on,

remembering a time

when people still wanted to explore.

When they would run down to the sea shore,

to really see the sea shore,

not through the lens of a camera,

but through their own eyes.

Why are our screens' glow

more important than watching a plant grow?

As the world grows around us,

we remain stagnant,

stuck in time

waiting for the chime

of our next text message.

But by putting down our laptops and phones,

hitting the power button,

exploring the unknown-


All of a sudden,

we realize:

that only in a world with no filter,

can we see clearly.

Our minds,

can finally roam freely.

And our hearts,

can love ever more


With no filter we are left by ourselves,

uncomfortable, self conscious I know.

But how can we be more real,

unless we let go

of our insecurities?

We can grow through maturity,

as we cast off that absurdity-

the internet.

We step out from behind the people

we pretend to be online.

Cast away the false personas,

that we clung to like a lifeline.

With no filters or usernames or screens,

we can show our authentic selves.

We can be raw.

We can be real.

We can be true.

Without filters,

I am just me

And you are just you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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