Tentativeness: My filter


I stand before you today

With a confession

Oh, but I don't know what I want to say

I could leave you with the wrong impression


There's my problem

Nineteen years of my life were spent up. Pent up.



Tentative to speak

Tentative to act


No penny could pay for my thoughts 

I didn't want them to be bought

Cause I'd lement on what my own two cents meant


Tentative to fall 

Tentative to fail


Would I sink, or would I sail?

I hold in me nearly two decades of thoughts unvoiced

Songs unsung

I held my tongue

Savagely sealed my lips in a vice grip


Tentative to slip

Tentative to embarass myself


Because its better to be silent than to be stupid

To be complacent than to incite violence

I stifled myself

Suppressed how I really feel

Snuffed out my zest and my zeal

To put on a front that was so far from real


Tentative to risk it

Tentative to seal


My fate, and be forced to reparate

Or negate myself in my own debate

What if they hate me?

I was scared of that subjective status



But I had a sneaking suspicion that my stanzas were sound

My sentences sucinct 

I yearn to influence others to think

But I value my own thoughts and opinions so much

I shelter them, swallow hard, and suppress them with a blink


Tentative to stand

Tentative to fight


I'm Gatsby. Arms outstretched towards my green light

The lime-light

Beckoning bright

I craved the feedback 

Be it disaster or delight 

But how do you break a habit

Of hiding your heart

Where does one start?


Perhaps like a dart?

Throw my words at a board and see where they land?

Or a time capsule?

Left to be dug out from the sand?


Tentative to plan

Tentative to improve


I have to force my lips to move

Delve into the dark despite disdain

Ignore my instincts to refrain


Shrug off the laughter

If it happens

After all,

Its not discouragement

Its room to grow


There's nowhere else that I can go

But up

And if I learn to take flight

If I start to soar


Then maybe I'll learn to be

Tentative no more


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