Sat, 01/24/2015 - 20:53 -- kenyawn


The world is colorful

Our perception is often not

Instead of the rainbow

We live in black and white thought

We catogorize, we generalize--we label each other's lives

With our preset misconceptions 

Losing individuals in the abyss of false expectations


The ocean is blue

But what if I told you blue was not blue

From the Atlantic depths to the Pacific surface

The infinite hues cannot all be blue.

What if i told you that black was not darkness and sin

That I am not the monster you imagine

Assertions we conciously know to be true, yet

Subcounciously cannot comprehend.


I am not gang affiliated, drug induced, or fatherless

I am not angry, violent, and pennyless

"Oh I know him, He the black dude who talks like a white guy,

He's super smart like he's "yellow" or something"

White cannot speak, Yellow cannot think

Yet I am fluent, eloquent, and observant,

Perceptive, productive, and intuitive


I see the world in limitless iridescence

Yet at times, this openness does not apply to my sense


We see the world in an infinite amount of color

The challenge is to think of the world in such terms.


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