I Am No Human

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 03:23 -- RadienX


United States

See me a thousand times, know me never.

If you could see the world through my eyes for a single day, you would never look upon me the same.

My closest friends know not who I truly am: under the skin.

I stand here, trapped upon a world in which I must present a man who is not me, so that I may make my own way.

My body may be human, but I know, I know my heart, mind, and soul belong to another race.

I see myself now: Roaming free, the wind in my fur, and an endless paradise to explore.

I stand upon a silver spire, overlooking naught but perfection in a world where all is possible, a world where I could dare to love living upon.

The fox leaps off the spire, only to sprout wings, and to soar among the clouds, and touch down, to see a gleaming city, a beacon of light in a dark universe, a haven.

So many races here, they live in harmony... This world... No, this utopia!

But alas, I can only keep my eyes closed for so long, before I must open them to behold the same view that which I see every day.

My guitar next to me,

Outside, a small wood in which I used to play in when my mind was young and innocent.

All within a world, where I must hide this true self of mine for the mere tolerance of my existence to others.

Born too soon to explore the galaxy, born too late to explore the earth, born just in time to set the stage for a golden age, and to die just before it begins, never being able to reap the rewards of the seeds I sowed.

That is who I am.

I am no human. I am Vulpine.

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