The Way I Am

Why am I the way I am? My life is one not many could stand Living in fear; always looming danger You hear a body hit the wall; in your own house a stranger Your body goes rigid when you hear the bottle break So many nights all you could do was cry and shake Of three children you're the golden one Accompanied by a stray daughter and a trouble #making son Always told you're the one who will be great When you don't succeed, all you feel for yourself is hate Medical bills cost so much, had to hide your pain Every day trying to convince the world that you are not insane Trying so hard to stay on the right path Terrified of straying and feeling your mother's wrath She's been through so much, you don't want to add It would kill her inside to know you're always sad Every time you open up, your heart gets broke again Put up such a wall that nobody can get in So many opportunities, a chance for something new You gladly try it all, this new lifestyle appeals to you Drinking everything in sight, you tried to hide the hurt Smoke it all away, though it only made things worse When you finally hit the bottom, you know a change will need to come Nothing will ever happen if you follow your father's example of being a bum You may have had it rough, but you took your life by the horns Made it to college, with only the pang of a few thorns Broke free froM the chains that have always held me down Look out world, there's a new me in town Yes, from my past I may seem like a boozer But I'm here now, with nothing but hope for my future


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