There are many things I'm not,
but all the things I am
and all my wonderful glam
make me shine as bright as the sun is hot.
Because I'm DYNAMITE.
I'm the kind of person to see beauty,
in odd places
and weird spaces,
like interestingly undiscoverd pirates' booty.
Because I'm A DREAMER.
I know the kind of ice cream my friends prefer
when life is forcing their tears
and sparking up their fears
and they just need to talk it through in a blur.
Because I'm CARING.
I'm brave enough to get a dance club up and started
 in a school ruled by the games of ball
where mean judgements run the hall
and respect towards your elders is rarely emparted.
Because I'm A REBEL.
The allure of perfection is a lost cause on me;
I will never reach it,
not even a bit,
but there's  no other person I'd rather be.
Because I'm HUMAN.
I stand tall and proud of the person I see in the mirror,
a leader with a high kick
not conformed to any single clique,
and pledge that I wont ever let myself disappear.
Because I'm FLAWLESS.


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