"It's round," says Columbus


What is the point?

    The world is round.

There is no point.

    I can only be round.


You all see my smile,

    You all see me white.

But behind my sunlit style,

    All I see is night.


Oh, why do I try?

    Are there winners in the end?

I'm filled with all these why's

    That will never be found.


They say I never sorrow,

    Though they see me in the light

Don't ask me what's tomorrow,

    For you'll only just ignite


A flame inside me wonders

    How we got here, where we'll go.

But when I hear the thunder,

    I look away in woe.


Such effort is put in,

    We all just die in the end.

There is no point

    Living in a world that is round.



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