Epic Poem "Queen Crissy"


All Hail! The Queen, and one and only that

Can out-perform those inglorious others.

Remarkable dancer, that will take your breath away.

I am, by the GREATEST, never to doubt, body-talking

Phenomenon that has ever endured.

I shall dance, without stop, As people are sentenced

to be smitten with my feets, setting inexorable patterns,

as I leave abounding marks on the dancing floor. And so

They, who will have the ultimate honor, to contemplate

a glance of my movements, shall bow down to my

goddess and mightily performances.

Thus, their cheers will motivate my heavenly phrases

As the sound heads, the music speaks, and my hip-swinging self

Ameliorates the living. I am not, indeed to be

doubted of my capabilities. I am by the most,

inexorable, eternal light-footer, and hip-swinging

Individual. Perchance, the uppermost dancer, thus,

the world will have in remembrance my incomparably

movements and my leg lifting and inevitably lovely flexibility poses.

Behold, the notably eminence dancer, I am Cristal Camacho.

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inspired from a beowulf poem.

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