Talk is Cheap

All I've ever done is talk.
Talk about my plans, my goals, my dreams
And every little thing | in | between.
Most people in life do,
But all I do is TALK about doing.
Talk about becoming a success when all success is,
Is the measure of steps you take in order to achieve
But have I taken a single step?
All I've ever done is talk,
About something. 
About something that I want, that I can't have.
I'm like a little f#%$ing baby reaching out with eager hands,
But these eager hands cannot hold the tangible.
Because, if I don't even try to head toward the sun that sets all my dreams out in front of me,
What good are these eager hands
All I've ever done is talk.
Talk about you, talk about (us). 
Talk about a (life-together),
Talk about all the beautiful things that we can have and (share-together).
But that's all it is: 
Talk doesn't get that little chicky across the road,
Now does it?
Talk just eases the mind and my mind is always at ease
Because I never shut up.
NOTHING is ever accomplished when (my mouth) keeps (vibrating).
Because the (giration) of my (oration) sounds so much more (satisfying) than actually setting out what (my mouth) says it's gonna do
All I've ever done is talk.
About me.
I never shut up.
Your mouth could be moving and I'm "actively" listening, but really I'm just waiting to COMBATyour opinion with my "proverbial wisdom"!
Because of course!
You need to hear my [ e m p t y w o r d s ] spouting out of my [ e m p t y h e a d ].
All I've ever done is talk.
My mouth moves at a speed that my actions cannot keep up with.
My lips form words that I didn't even know existed. 
And you will sit and listen to each and every single syllable that I'm spitting, talk is just that goooood.
My talk will evoke belief.
And I believe that if I keep talking,
You'll believe,
I'm somebody worth listening to.
But am I? Am I really?
Because all I've ever done is talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk...
But you know what?
I'm through talking.
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