Today is my muse

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 08:44 -- Juriel

What inspires me is plain to see
I find it within the trees and sea
I find it in the bravery
of the past
And my hope for the future,most importantly
I find it in my family
I find it in my mother's drive
And in her empathy

I find it in my great grandmother's intensity
Doing something, at the time taboo
to protect the ones she loved so immensely
I find it in my heritage, find it absolutely...
My cousins' art and passion
My grandmother's stern kindness
My dad's structure
Oh these things that inspire me so greatly

I find it in the land around me
Which is mesmerizing in the shapes I see
In this land I wish to preserve oh so very dearly
And the stories told around me

I find it in the progress made
The progress yet to be
The fictional ones that bring dreams to me
And turn them into reality
A dreamer like me would take these,
and a dreamer like me would say,
“This is the difference I want to make.
The inspiration is today.

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