You've Already Been Told Who I Am

How dare you ask me who I would be

without all these stereotypes?

 Don’t you know that society has already defined me.

Don’t you know that because I am female

my main goal is to be beautiful.

But not what I consider beautiful,

 Oh no, I have to be that woman in the magazine.

The woman in the magazine doesn’t even look like the woman in the magazine!

My 5’11’’, 250 pound figure states that not only will I never be beautiful

but I must also be lazy.

 How dare I feel comfortable and happy in my too large frame.

But wait I identify as a feminist,

so I automatically hate all things feminine anyway, right?

Because feminism means I hate men and housewives and hijabs.

Because society states that God forbid

 as a feminist I wear a dress, that I support other women whether they are a CEO or a stay at home mom, whether they wear a mini skirt or a burka.

And God forbid the only thing I want is equality between men and women.  

Society states that because I have no religion I will be forever stuck in eternal limbo when I pass on from this life.

That my understanding of how this world, our world, was created is 100 percent wrong.

Because as an atheist I scoff at religions instead of trying to understand and be respectful of each and every one them.

 And because I scoff, I don’t understand that the day those planes were hijacked so was the Muslim religion.

I am a student who gets straight A’s and that must mean I am always confident in my abilities.

That even though high school students have a record high stress level, I’m fine because I manage a 3.97 GPA.

Because everyone knows that the student who submits those essays in on time and gets 98 percent on her test can’t possibly have a panic attack but Oh God, what if I fail!?!

But most of all society says that at seventeen I am too young to know any of this. 


Nerd Lady

I have a feeling you've been stalking me..... O.O, this, this is me lol. Good job. :)

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