Planned Murder

Once upon a time there was a princess

Or was it perhaps was it a prince?

Give me a second I shall look into my index,

Ah yes, here it is, it was nothing but a man.


A man? Oh yes a man, made of nothing but bread.

A young couple with no aspirations to get at,

Along with their pig and their horse, just waiting to be fed.

All living in a house as big as a park.


What to cook, what to eat, oh let's have some meat to ingest.

Immediately everyone being vegetarians cringed with a wince,

With that mentality lets just all have some eggs and a Guinness.

No said the wife, lets have make bread and have milk from a can.


Here comes the story of the thickhead.

He popped out from the oven, wearing nothing but a hat

Run run run, but oh no, he was misled.

Ran around and around without leaving the landmark.


They all acted tired which wasn’t hard to convince.

The little gingerbread man that had left the room long since,

Little did he know all fell according to the plan.

Each cry he gave, each turn he mad, did nothing but shorten his lifespan.


He ran and ran until he reached the one and only welcome mat,

The poor man left with no way of combat.

Leading him open and an easy mark,

This is my story of the man left with nothing but a trademark.



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