anxiety unfiltered

My struggle with anxiety is not as cute as my curled hair or my new outfit. 

It certainly won't get as much love on Instagram, and the notes on Tumblr will remain at zero.

Yeah, maybe if my therapist followed me, she might hit the "thumbs up" button, 

but even then, one "like" won't make me go viral.


my anxiety is like a disease, infecting my mind rather than my body. 

rather than sharing a drink or standing out in the cold, my head got sick for no apparent reason.

and rather than instant fix of cough syrup, the cure is not as quick. 

no, I don't share this part of me with the rest of this world like I do pictures my food, my friends, my experiences. 

my face is constantly set on the "just fine filter", never reaching past that "maybe a little stressed" tone.

until now. 

filter free, the circles under my eyes sag and my skin's a little paler, but I'm becoming okay with that. 

maybe as I get used to my unfiltered reflection, I'll be able to see more beauty staring back at me. 




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