I am Myself


I am

            weird, because I don’t know how to be normal

            happy, because the world astounds me with its possibilities

            loud, because I want to share what I think and feel about this world

            a friend, because I listen when others need me to

            patient, because most problems require time and effort to be solved

            intelligent, because I love to read novels and question everything

            nerdy, for loving school and being eager to learn

            geeky, because I get way too excited about characters that don’t even exist

            crazy, because explanations and logic are for androids and Vulcans

            odd, because I don’t make sense

            funny, because perfume factories do make scents

            kind, because I want others to be as happy as I have felt

            warm, because a good hug can release much sorrow

            sad, because there are many reasons to cry and I know it’s important to

            angry, because I know the world is full of hatred

            frustrated, because the world is also full of idiots

            hypocritical, because  I am probably one of them

            honest, because lies only create problems and more lies

            just, because both sides of an argument deserve to be heard

            indecisive, because I see validity with both sides

            beautiful, because I see me - and no one else - when I look in the mirror

            flawed, because perfection is overrated and useless


            because that’s all I ever need to be

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